"I loved this class so much! Adair is very knowledgeable, incredibly helpful, and so sweet and funny. She’s a kind and special person and I feel lucky to have had her as a birth instructor. She created an amazing environment in the class that made me feel very comfortable and excited to go. More importantly, she is a wealth of information. The resources she sent out by email and gave in class were plentiful. The ones I didn’t have time to read at the time, I found myself coming back to after the class ended. For every unexpected situation we faced, I remembered an article that she sent out and would return to them as needed. I also found all of the practical/hands on exercises and positions to be incredibly helpful, and would not have gotten through my natural labor without them. I was able to easily remember what we learned in class during labor, and Adair’s class and philosophy were at the forefront of my mind the entire time. I was able to have the birth experience that I wanted, and I owe much of that to Adair. I would recommend the class to anyone!" -Emily

"Yesterday was exactly one year since I found out I was pregnant with Theo. I was blessed with an easy pregnancy and a wonderful birth experience, and I wouldn't change a thing if I were to do it all over again. Evidence based education with Blue Heron Birth Education helped prepare Alex & and I for the birth we wanted. If you are pregnant this is the class you want to be in."-Casey

"I would seriously recommend this to any first time parents to be! Was the best preparation that I've been able to find as a dad to be that actually helps you feel equipped to help in the process and not just be a witness to it all. Adair is super informed as was willing to go over any topic we had questions on or research if she didn't have the answers on the spot! Thank you Adair for easing this dad to be's mind beyond all else."-Sean

"My husband and I were incredibly excited to welcome our first child into the world. But, well into my 7th month of pregnancy, I'll admit that I was feeling pretty frustrated. There was so much I didn't know about labor and birth, and I wasn't getting what I needed from my healthcare provider or the internet. I wanted someone experienced and knowledgeable to help me filter information, weigh my options, and be ready for the decisions to come. I found all of this and more in Adair's class. Adair was compassionate, professional, and totally non-judgmental. She provided us with excellent, up-to-date information related to labor and birth, and she took the time to answer all of our questions. Her class gave me just what I needed to feel positive and empowered. I'd recommend it to anyone!" -Leslie

"My husband and I are both very thankful for Adair & her wealth of knowledge. I would say without a doubt that her class was one of best investments we have made this pregnancy. Highly recommend!"-Cayla

"Just finished up Adair's birth classes and can't rave enough about the information we received! She goes above and beyond to give you an arsenal of tools to use throughout pregnancy and labor/delivery. Even after a slight scare and trial run to the hospital, Adair made time to talk to me and reassure me even outside of class. Very thankful for her and her classes and would highly recommend these to someone looking for good evidence based information."-Katie

"As a doula, I feel it is important to know well what complimentary services are available to my clients and to understand the content, quality, and scale of those services. Additionally, I desire to add depth to my doula training in order to better serve my clients. To that end, I enrolled in Adair’s class. After the very first class I thought, “I hit the jackpot!” Each week I learn something new. The material is thorough, clearly and professionally articulated, and well-documented. Adair provides a wealth of evidence based information to her students. What impressed me most, though, is how artfully she engages her students. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable with plenty of time for discussion and questions, with plenty of humor and enthusiasm.  Clearly, Adair loves her work and is passionate about helping new parents make informed choices about birth.   Adair’s class is the best child birth preparation class I have taken and I am pleased to refer my clients to Blue Heron Birth Education."-Debra Janicki

"My husband and I recently completed the natural child birth education classes with Adair. It was so informative and so helpful to both of us. When it came time for labor and birth, I truly don't think I would've made it through without all of the knowledge and information provided through Adair. I would recommend these classes to ANYone preparing to have a child! This awesome woman really knows her stuff, provides excellent resources for continued education, and makes the entire learning and birth experience so comfortable."-Ty

"Adair made my husband and I feel 100% confident going into our birth. We would not have had HALF of the information we never knew we needed until we finished these classes. She makes everything clear and fun. She really made us open up and find what kind of birth we want and know it's achievable. Would not have been prepared or ready without her!"-Taylor

"My husband and I recently completed Adair's natural birth class sessions. We were so thankful we did. The classes cover all the information you should know before you embark on the journey of birth. We weren't even certain what type of birth we wanted to have, but armed with the knowledge, we knew that path would be to deliver our son in the most natural and unmedicated way possible. One of the best things about Adair's approach as an instructor is that she presents all the information needed to guide yourselves in decision making without bias. You will learn risks and any benefits or positives associated with various aspects of the birthing process. We happened to complete our classes about a week prior to me delivering. We could not have gone into our birth more prepared for the experience. Knowledge is power and we believe is imperative to have the birth experience you want. We highly recommend Blue Heron Birth education!"-Ashley

"I truly believe every future parent can benefit from this class.  Whether you want a natural childbirth or a natural-ish birth, this class is for you.  This class helped us discover our ideal birth.  Adair is passionate, full of knowledge, and supports your desired birth 100%.  My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this class.  Our birth story did not go quite as we thought but we were so well informed we knew how to react when things didn't go as planned."-Abby

 "I had the privilege of being a member of Adair's first childbirth class.  I very much enjoyed my time with Adair.  Her class helped me to feel very prepared for the birthing journey.  I appreciated Adair's spirit and passion for her class members.  You can tell that she wants to do anything she can to help people with one of the most precious journey's a family can take.  I came away from the classes with a sense of strength and peace that helped give me confidence during the birth of our sweet baby girl.  My partner was unable to attend most of the classes with me, and Adair took great care to make sure I felt comfortable in the classes.  I am grateful for Adair's guidance and highly recommend her class." -Jessica

"I've never seen a client as happy with their birth classes." -Carolina Preciado, Doula

"I found Blue Heron Birth Education classes to be very helpful with the birth of our first child. I was hoping to give birth with as little medical intervention as possible, but I was nervous about whether or not I would be able to achieve that goal. I not only learned about coping techniques, but also more about the process of birth itself so as to better understand my body and not be afraid.  Adair presented us with a wealth of information to make an informed decision on the best birth plan for us as a couple. Even though we wanted to avoid medications and procedures, it was good to be informed on all our options in case they became necessary. 

My husband also learned how to better support me. When I went into labor, he massaged my back and pressed my hips together during contractions to help relieve the pressure. This, along with breathing and buzzing my lips, helped me labor at home longer before going to the hospital. We felt ready when the time came because of what we had learned and practiced in Adair's course.

I really liked how interactive it was. We used birth balls, did fun activities, and practiced a number of different positions and relaxation techniques that we talked about. I used some of these techniques to get through labor without any medication like I had planned! It was so empowering, and our daughter Vesper was bright and alert from the start. Having a doula also made a huge difference, and I'm so glad I got connected with ours through this class.

Adair is such a sweet person who is passionate about what she does. She took the time to personalize our learning experience with any specific questions we had and listen to our concerns. She created a space where we could feel comfortable discussing something very personal. I also love the story behind why she named it Blue Heron Birth Education. I would definitely recommend her course to anyone who is expecting."-Gina